Warranty Conditions


The consumer must have the original purchase invoice to request any of the rights that are recognized in the LGDCU.

The company reserves the right not to make the warranty effective if the indicated documents are not presented (purchase invoice and warranty signed or stamped by the company that carried out the sale)

This warranty covers any manufacturing defect for two years from the purchase of the product.

If the repair or replacement of the product is necessary, it will be replaced by another of the same type or superior quality.

In accordance with the provisions of the LGDCU, the following assumptions are not covered by the warranty:

  • Deteriorations caused by improper use, such as the use of inappropriate bases.
  • The commercialized products that have a variation in their measurements of ± 2 cm (Difference allowed by the European regulations on tolerances in measures of rest products, UNE-EN 1334)
  • Loss of height in mattresses of up to 10%
  • Mold stains caused by excess humidity in the bedroom or lack of air circulation.
  • The mattress smells during the first days of use. New products may produce an odor that disappears after a short time.
  • Failure to comply with the Recommendations of use and maintenance of the product.

This warranty is provided in accordance with the provisions of the “RDI 1/2007 for the Defense of Consumers and Users” (LGDCU).

Recommendations for proper use

In order to keep your mattress in perfect condition, it is advisable, first of all, that the mattress rest on a slatted bed base or rigid base, which allows the mattress to be supported uniformly on the entire surface. The use of a base or bed base from the same manufacturer is recommended.

You should periodically rotate the mattress from left to right and flip it from head to toe, in addition to aerating it often to improve ventilation.

In mattress models that are prepared to rest on only one of their faces, it is not necessary to turn the mattress.

If you accidentally get wet, it is recomended to put it to dry without exposing it to the sun, doing it in an airy and dry place, after a gentle cleaning.

It is recommended to protect the mattress with a washable and breathable cover to avoid stains and maintain hygiene. If the upholstery gets dirty, always dry clean.

If any of these recommendations are not complied with, due to the negligence of the end customer, the manufacturer reserves the right to terminate the warranty for misuse of the mattress.


All items are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect, excepting all damages due to misuse or treatment of the item.

The warranty covers the repair of the damage, once received at the factory. For the warranty to be valid, it must be completed and sealed by the company where the purchase is made; taking charge of the processing of the claim.